2014 (2014)

2014Trailer                : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4xvjdavLJQ

Genre                  : Drama

Production          : Mahaka Pictures , Dapur Film

Producer              : Erick Tohir, Celerina Judisari,

                                 Hanung Bramantyo

Director               : Rahabi Mandra dan Hanung Bramantyo
Cast                      : Maudy Ayunda, Rizky Nazar, Ray Sahetapi

Duration              : 110 mins

Theaterical Release         : 26 Februari 2015




Ricky Bagaskoro (Rizky Nazar) final level of high school students who were experienced a dilemma. Between pursuing her dream to become a teacher for young children have been abandoned or have to follow the wishes of his father, Bagas Notolegowo (Ray Sahetapy), to continue their education to the highest. Bagas wish Ricky would follow in his footsteps to become a politician. Bagas himself is a father struggling to become president of Indonesia period 2014-2019 to replace President Jusuf Syahrir (Deddy Sutomo).

Competition to the presidency was very tight between Bagas Notolegowo, Faisal Abdul Hamid (Rudy Salam) and Syamsul Triadi (Akri Patrio). At all stages of the necessary prudence. But apparently Bagas less alert. One simple decision to make all his dreams shattered. Situation flip over in a flash.

Bagas destruction Ricky curiosity to explore the case. This effort brings Ricky with Krishna Dorojatun (Donny Damara) an idealistic lawyer and clean the lots won humanity cases. Besides Ricky also start close to the barrel (Maudy Ayunda), child Krishna Dorojatun.

Ricky and Barrel often make trouble with some police, especially Inspector Simpson (Atiqah Hasiholan). Second life is threatened. It turns out there was a third party involved in this case. Who are they? So what role Satria (Rio Dewanto) a young man who always in a lot of places in this case?