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ANGKER (2014)

Trailer :

Genre              : Horor

Producer         : Devi Rahmaliia

Director           : M. Yusuf

Cast                 : Lia Waode, Agung Ayu, M. Iqbal, Armeena

                            Yusuf, Ariel Yp, Adinda Divia …

Running Time : 90 minutes
Theaterical Release    : 20 November 2015





ANGKER was taken from true story in 1979; Aaron Family. Ratna along with 3 children and they occupy the new house they bought in the area of ​​East Java – Bangil . A few days later the family of Aaron experienced a frightening incident at his home .

Until one day in order to clean the house they called paranormal spirits of disruption. Once investigate further turns before the house was built on land that ever happened slaughter house Shaman Witchcraft . Did they clean up the spirits who lived in the house ?