Boneka Setan Trailer

Genre                   : Horor

Production        : Mitra Sejati Productions

Producers          : Koko LF Kartiko, Johanis E Rahakbauw

Director              : Koko LF Kartiko

Cast                       : Aldi Taher, Minati Atmanegara, Olvy Andhari,

Ebhy Rahakbauw

Running Time   : 68 minutes

Theatrical Release Date : 2014, 23 January






     Devil Doll tragedy occurred in 2007. The reason for their treats stuffed improperly. As a result, Mang Karta (Piet Burnama), Angel (Angela Claudia), and his assistant, Elly Darsih, were killed. As the surviving witnesses, Dimas (Aldi Taher), wife (Keen Atmanegara) and Jean (Olvy Andhari) considers the tragedy is over because all the dolls were destroyed.

Genesis move at the present time, when Dimas (Aldi Taher) and Jean (Olvy Andhari) adult, shock and disbelief when told by Abhy (Ebhy Rahakbauw) dubbed Sick Sense, work friends Jean (Olvy Andhari). One doll was still alive. During this time without their knowledge, the demon doll continued to terror, and if left unchecked will consequently be dangerous and could bring havoc back. Abhy word again, that can stop the seven-year adventure Devil Doll is only Dimas and Jean.