Cahaya Cinta Pesantren Trailer

Genre                          : Drama, Young Adul

Producer                    : H Yusuf Mansur

Director                      : Raymond Handaya

Cast                              : Yuki Kato, Febby Rastanty, Vebby Palwinta, Sivia

Azizah, Rizky Febian, Fachri Muhammad

Running Time            : 144 minutes

Theatrical Release Date : 2017, 12 January






        Shila (Yuki Kato), daughter of fishermen around Lake Toba, wants to continue her study to high school favorites in Medan. But alas, Mamak instead wants her to enter boarding school. Shila then complained to her father. This time her father agreed with mamak. Shila disappointed and has an offense to her father, relationship became strained. School life was very solid and full of disciplined activity, making it difficult to adapt. She became homesick. However Shila still dream of being a novelist. Together with her friends, Manda (Febby Blink), Ayesha (Via Blink) and Icut (Vebby Palwinta), she discovers the meaning of true friendship. They even have a “pot of tears”, where they kept all the tears of sad and happy moments. Her life at the school is decorated colorful typical adolescence problems.