Catatan_Akhir_KuliahTrailer               :

Genre              : Motivation Comedy

Production      : DariHati Films

Producer         : Dedy Syah

Director           : Jay Sukmo

Cast                 : Muhadkly Acho,

                            Anjani Dina, Ajun Perwira,

                            Abdur Arsyad

                            (Special Performing:

                            Mario Teguh, BudiDoremi,

                            Rangga Moela, Bima Arya)

Duration         : 107 mins

Theaterical Release    : 27 Juli 2015



The film “CATATAN AKHIR KULIAH” is the first film in the Indonesian comedy genre motivation, a film offerings from Film Production House Of DARIHATI FILMS for Indonesian students. The film is packed like a thesis, consists of various chapters such as thesis, from the Introduction to the library as a closing. we can call this film is a film essay form first in Indonesia that follow the standard essay format in Indonesia. Just calm, despite the serious impression this film is actually very can be enjoyed all walks of life, from high school kids who want to know the world of lectures, a college kid who remembers the thesis, or you who are scholars want to reminisce. College full of memories, the excitement when the introductory period for new students and become a friendship that would be the end of the lecture notes are sweet. discover the story of the school term in this movie than make a difficult thesis,  a trully friendship, love stories, sadness, etc. CATATAN AKHIR KULIAH is your story that can make you laugh or crying in a happy emotion.