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Untitled-2 CRUSH (2014)

Genre : Drama (Dance/Comedy/Musical)

Production: Brainstorminc

Producer: Irving Artemas

Director : Rizal Mantovani
Cast : Cherrybelle, Deva Mahenra, Yuanita Christiani

Running Time: 102 minutes

Theatrical Release Date : 2014, 10 April




Cherrybelle is a very famous girlband. In order to be more progressive in their dance, Cherrybelle’s management invites a new dance choreographer, Andre, known as a famous dancer in the country. The presence of charismatic and handsome Andre makes Cherrybelle’s members blushing, especially Kezia. One day, Andre receives a love letter on his locker and decides to stop training Cherrybelle and left. When Cherrybelle gets to travel to Melbourne, Australia, they are challenged by a local street dancers courtesy of Julie, a girl who hates Cherrybelle. Humiliated and embarrassed, Cherrybelle must find Andre to finish their training and back to claim their pride back. Can they find Andre?

Sets in Indonesia and Australia, CRUSH is a very popular light drama comedy combined with musical and dance.