Danau Hitam (2014)


Trailer             : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6wWh9Puc1o

Genre              : Horor

Director           : Jose Purnomo

Cast                 : Denny Sumargo, Nadine Chandrawinata,

                           Maria Selena, Ganindra Bimo, Daniel Topan

Duration         : 90 mins

Theaterical Release    : December 4, 2014







               Film tells about the Black Lake terror curious spirits. The story, one night in 1939, some people in the murder of a little girl in the woods not far from the slopes. They enter a small girl who was considered jinxed it into a crate, locked it, and then tossed into the lake. After being heard loud cries and screams, they left it. Since the murder happened, a lot of people who disappeared mysteriously in the forest area of ​​the lake. Until the day today, a group of young children on vacation and traveled to the Black Lake. They are Andrean, Keyla, Boy, Audi and Joni were equally fond of nature adventures. After facing some obstacles along the way, they finally arrived at the location of the lake surrounded by tropical forest.  However, it continues to follow by the curious spirits Andrean and friends, even when they have to pass through the cliffs and swim in the lake to return to the tent. They are suspicious and feel the old trunk which they found was the source of the problem. After a successful opening, the end of the mystery was revealed. So what did they do?