DEAR LOVE (2016)


Dear Love Trailer

Genre                                      : Drama
Producer                                : Dedy Syah
Director                                  : Dedy Syah

Cast                                          : Dimas Aditya, Mentari De Marelle,

                                                     Billy Davidson

Running Time                        : 105 minutes
Theatrical Release Date      : 2016, 20 October





        Rayya, who had congenital heart disease, are friends since childhood with Nico. For Rayya, the most important person besides her mother is Nico. And Nico was keeping her carefully. Nico also knows all the secrets of Rayya including anyone guy who had stopped at Rayya’s heart. Anyone can see that both of them have a sense of being more than friends. However, both of them hide their feelings.

One day, Rayya surprised because all of guy from her past comes together without it. Because the love letters she wrote and she hide in Whisper- boxes of carved hearts was sent to the guys. They are Mike, Cello, and Addin. Rayya has not lost curiosity about who sent her love letters, Nico was suddenly disappears. Rayya was getting frantic.