DOEATrailer               :

Genre              : Drama

Production      : Sinema Delapan

Producer         : Alfani Wiryawan

Director           : Rick Sufarani

Cast                  : Fedi Nuril, Tika Bavani, Rendy Kjaernett,

                            Rizki Hanggono

Duration         : 90 mins

Theaterical Release    : May 21, 2015





“Doea Tanda Cinta” will narrate, Bagus (Fedi Nuril) a hometown hero, which triggered the nagging mother (Ingrid Widjanarko) to be a true hero is to enter the Military Academy. Here Bagus met with Mahesa (Rendy Kjaernett) which is the only son of the military brass, Harun Yahya (Tio Pakusadewo). The two became friends and together with others through a period of hazing. When cruise,Bagus encounter with the younger cousin of their cadets foster sister Bramantyo (Rizky Hanggono) named Laras (Tika Bravani). In fact, Bagus and Mahesa equally put his heart on Laras. Mahesa who know feeling good, immediately declared his love first into Laras. When the Laras is going to decide which to choose, both are assigned to the release of hostages in the conflict area until fate would Karumbai.