EPEN CUPENTrailer            : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9MB55ws3A4

Genre              : Comed

Producer         : Gope T Samtani

Director           : Irham Acho Bachtiar

Cast                 : Pemain: Babe Cabita, Klemen Awi, Marissa

                            Nasution, Edward Gunawan, Fiko, Nato Beko,

                            Temon, Desta, Pierre Gruno
Duration         : 100 mins

Theaterical Release    : December 24, 2015





Tells of a young man from Papua, Celo. Celo asked by his father to go find his twin brother who has been missing since baby. Celo finally went looking for his twin brother through a dream of the father who saw his twin brother on the battlefield.

When arrived in Jayapura accidentally Celo was met with Babe, a bankrupt businessman from Medan who asked for his help to find where the battlefield was. Babe involved a lot of debt has created more problems Celo more complicated. Up to make them have chased by debt collectors to hide in the airport cargo warehouse to unwittingly they arrived in Jakarta.

When arrived in Jakarta was Celo and Babe involved a lot of new problems, especially when they are pursued by Nato Beko which was a group that was fighting the gang Biawak estate owned by William Male deer gang.

Celo which has the honest nature had to find his twin brother with the conflict between urban gangs meanwhile Babe cunning also continue to utilize the cello to be able to achieve his wish.