Erau Kota Raja Trailer

Genre                    : Drama
Producer            : Bambang Drias
Director              : Bambang Drias
Cast                       : Nadine Chandrawinata, Denny Sumargo, Ray

                                 Sahetapy, Jajang C Noer

Running Time   : 95 minutes
Theatrical Release Date : 2015, 08 January






     Kirana (Nadine Chandrawinata) was assigned to Erau Indigenous Party in Tenggarong. During coverage, Kirana met a local man named Reza (Denny Sumargo). Kirana starts to fall in love with Reza. However, their love gets opposition from Reza’s mother (Jajang C Noer). The mother did everything she could to expel Kirana from her village. The District Head (Ray Sahetapy) is forced to expel Kirana, who is considered to be disturbing the community. Kirana returns to Jakarta without telling Reza, Reza became angry with his mother.