HaGeSu Trailer

Genre                                : Horror
Producers                          : AB Iwan Azis, Dedy Mercy
Director                              : Dedy Mercy
Cast                                      : Andrew Andika, Celia Thomas, Melani Achmad,

August Melasz

Running Time                   : 81 minutes
Theatrical Release Date : 2015, 21 May







     Damar Hatmojo (Andrew Andika) brings his girlfriend Virna (Celia Thomas), as well as his friend Mulan (Farah Zubir) and Andre (Herrichan), to Wonosobo that place already he left since childhood, become fatal. His arrival was not welcomed by his father, Raden Trias Hatmojo (August Melasz). Raden Trias asks Damar and his friends to return immediately to Jakarta. Damar insisted on staying in the house until the holiday is done.

Damar acquainted with a local girl, Prapti (Melanie Achmad). Through dreams Damar feel know Prapti 100 years ago. Damar also found Prapti statue in an old barn house and saw his father on certain nights of the rites. Raden Trias said that Prapti had died 100 years ago. And it turns out his grandfather inherited the curse of the past. Reveal a terrible secret that had haunted the family Damar make himself and his friends threatened.

Requiem Prapti increasingly terrorized and threatened his life. Even Raden Trias, which is already devoting his life to the spirits Prapti was a victim. Increasingly difficult conditions when the ghosts kidnap Prapti Virna.