Hantu Merah Casablanca Trailer


Genre                    : Horror
Producer              : AB Iwan Azis, Muh Iqbal
Director                : Dedy Mercy
Cast                        : Hengky Kurniawan, Vitalia Shesya, Rocky Jeff,

                                   Eva Asmarani, Guntur Nugraha, DJ Rizuka Amor

Running Time     : 89 minutes
Theatrical Release Date : 2014, 23 October






     Ricky who wants to continue studies abroad. invited his close friend (Gio, Aldo, Hanna, Windy and Mery) partying at his home in Casablanca, the next day he was surprised to see Hanna was killed, while Gio, fiancée Hanna, was found bound in the bathroom. Guilt and fear made them decide to bury Hanna silently near the house Ricky.

Tensions peaked when Aldo was killed tragically in his room, and Merry was killed tragically in the pool. Another event terrorized Ricky and Windy. All this makes the frightening incident took Windy Ricky went to a psychic to expel the ghost that haunts Hanna.