Indera Keenam Trailer

Genre                                  : Horror
Producer                            : Maya Nathan Wendelboe
Director                              : Wisnu Kuncoro
Cast                                      : Natasha Gott, Gandhi Fernando, Widi Dwinanda
Running Time                   : 77 minutes
Theatrical Release Date : 2016, 16 June









      Merry bought a small house and lives together with her daughter. Merry faced circumstances that had once happened: sees another spirit world. She feels lonely because no one believes her. Dina has already knows about peculiarities of her mother who always talking to another spirit that looks like her. Dina could not be seen by her. There’s something odd about Merry in the next view day. Merry looks miserable because her daughter trying to avoid her. Alex, Dina’s boyfriend, feels the peculiarity in Merry. He’s trying to figure out what happened in that house.