Kapan Kawin? (2015)

kkTrailer              : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31NhsT4JfwU

Genre               : Drama

Producer         : Robert Ronny

Director           : Ody C Harahap

Cast                 : Adinia Wirasti, Reza Rahadian

Duration         : 110 mins

Theaterical Release    : February 12, 2015







Dinda successful career in Jakarta as a General Manager in a four-star hotel, always considered less by his parents, because they still single until the age of 30 years had passed. To Billy and the Goddess, the old man who lived in Jogja Dinda, Dinda status is still single is their failure as parents.

Bored in terror from her parents who kept asking “when mating Dinda?” Dinda finally put together a plan. He decided to hire Satrio, an idealistic theater actor acquaintance friend to pretend to be a girlfriend Dinda. Satrio even too idealistic to be unrealistic and very ‘annoying’ for normal people. Dinda had hesitated hire Satrio but pressed for time because he had no other choice.

Dinda plan only brought Satrio to Yogyakarta only to dampen undermining their parents, while attending a birthday party wedding anniversary of his parents. Unexpectedly Dinda, this plan instead become a disaster for Dinda, because Billy and goddess turned out to have its own plan to ‘force’ Satrio soon marry Dinda. Satrio very idealistic then evidently very difficult to follow the ‘scenario’ plan Dinda. Dinda trapped in the midst of all this chaos was eventually suffer even more.

Satrio previously always difficult Dinda slowly realized that all family members Dinda Dinda treated unfairly and pressure Dinda until he always felt ‘not good enough’ in any case