Lasjkar di Tapal Batas Trailer

Genre                                                : Drama, War

Pictures Producer                          : Bayu Prayogo

Director                                           : Bayu Prayogo

Cast                                                  : Gorz Kurniawan, Tere Gunawan, Sonia Selvans

Running Time                                : 80 minutes

Theatrical Release Date               : 2016, 11 August






       Set: Dutch Military Aggression II, 1948. Bogor’s colonies were angry when the Dutch returned to colonize. Many of them volunteered to serve as fighters by forming small groups called Lasjkar people.

Tidjan (Gorz Kurniawan) hate the Dutch. He joined the leadership of the People Lasjkar Djulu, three of his best friend: Enim, Anau and Rais. Tidjan feel a dilemma because of his parents and his girlfriend, Nonon (Tere Gunawan), does not support that he had to join the fight.

This story is also combined with the present life. Akbar (Arvin Ryan) has properties like Tidjan that is loyal, brave and good at martial arts. However, he liked to fight and brawl. Akbar met with old Nonon (Yati Surachman) which gave him a lot of advice. Tijan taken based on a true story.