msTrailer             : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=606hAvJCtHA

Genre              : Horror

Production      : Renee Pictures

Producer         : Gandhi Fernando

Director           : Gianti Rona

Cast                 : Acha Septriasa, Ratu Felisha, Ganindra Bimo, Boy

                            Harsya, Gesata Stella

Duration         : 100 mins

Theaterical Release    : December, 2015




The film “Midnight Show” tells of the existence of a terror that occurred in the theater, Beginning of terror occurs when cinema began madly in bankruptcy that due to the absence of spectators. The theater owners start thinking like where do the movie theater back much visited by the audience. One day there was the idea of ​​the owner. The owners want to play back a movie that never withdrawn from the market filming industry in Indonesia, the film titled “Boy”. When screening boy who tells the story of a life of a boy named Bagas, he can kill his own family when he was stepping 15 years.
From there the atmosphere of the theater began to tense and gripping, what more when there is a movie audience was killed by spirits, while the boy watched the film screenings. And the killer mysterius began terrorizing the audience and other employees of the theater. Who is the mysterius killer?