Trailer            : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn72AX5qCE4

Genre             : Horor

Production   : Triple A Film

Producer       : Muhammad Yusuf

Director         : Muhammad Yusuf
Cast                : Sofia Adios, Lia Wadode, Efrita Belliana,

                          Ayub Darjam

Duration        : 100mins

Theaterical Release : September 2015







Indonesia Horror Film ” Mystery ” tells the story of mother and son who often haunted by the terrible terror of spirits roaming creepy . The spirits named Sumiati . Meanwhile , there was a shaman who know about it and started to commemorate the mother and child .

In addition, the shaman said that they were actually recognize who Sumiati it but did not know about about his death . Only the mother and her child who knows , why Sumiati spirits terrorize them and became curious .