Oo Nina Bobo (2014)

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Oo Nina Bobo (2014)

oo nina bobo

Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogAPWZSCuhM

Genre              : Horor

Director           : Jose Purnomo

Cast                 : Revalina S.Temat ( Karina ), Firman Ferdiansyah (

                            Ryan ), Daniel Topan, Mega Carefansa, Agung

                           Maulana, Sinyo Syamsul, Zaskias Riyanti, Hary


Running Time : 90 minutes
Theaterical Release    : March 20, 2014





The film is lifted from lullabies are often sung by parents to drive their children to sleep. But, here there is a case on this film. About 5 years ago , a mysterious murder occurred . One family consists of a married couple and three of their children died , Mother mat hanging , her husband died falling from a ladder , two of their youngest child who was 6 years old is also dead in his room , but there were one survivors ; Ryan   ( Word Ferdinand ) . He is very stress since then Ryan had the name diorder Post Traumatic Stress ( PTSD ) then he so cared for at nursinghome