pizzamanTrailer           :

Genre            : Comedy, Action

Production   : Renee Production

Producer       : Laura Karina, Gandhi Fernando

Director         : Ceppy Scrooge

Cast                : Yuki Kato, Joanna Alexandra,

                                                                                                   Karina Barbie, Gandhi Fernando,Kemal Palevi

                                                                                           Duration        : June 11, 2015


Pizza Man” will focus on three women namely Merry (Yuki Kato), Olivia (Joanna Alexandra) and Nina (Karina Barbie). The three of them were friends who had the same reckless and wild nature. In addition, they are also users of illicit drugs. One night, they gathered to share stories while ordering pizza. When the pizza came, Merry cs surprised because the pizza delivery man turns a handsome young man named Adam (Gandhi Fernando). Eventually arise ignorant intention to work on the pizza deliveryman.