PONTIEN (2016)

Pontien Trailer

Genre                                       : Horror
Producer                                 : Lies Yanti

Director                                   : Agung Trihatmodjo
Cast                                           : Dewi Rezer, Teuku Rifnu Wikana

Running Time                       : 91 minutes
Theatrical Release Date     : 2016, 9 Juni








     Artha got the news about the loss of his brother who lived in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. He traced the city to meet in-law named Inur. His quest actually brings the story of the damaged environment. Artha dragged into another world that is unraveling the mystery behind the lost brother.

West Kalimantan Forests took him into the past of the city of Pontianak. He was tailed by the mystery behind the public story of Pontianak on their relationship with the local ghost name Pontianak Pontianak / Kuntilanak.

Lando, is environmental activists, who also co-brother in an NGO, suddenly died tragically. These events reinforce the intention Artha dismantle all mysteries. On the other hand, Niar, Inur mother who is also the hereditary sultanate of Pontianak, felt Artha is a human choice.