Sarang Hantu Jakarta Trailer

Genre                   : Horro

Producers          : Evry Joe, Eddy AS

Director              : Ibnu Agha

Cast                       : Meidian Maladi, Bella Shofie, Baby Margaretha

Running Time   : 83 minutes

Theatrical Release Date : 2014, 05 June







     David a young executive, his wife, Selva, and his daughter, Binta felt fine, despite a lot oddities in his house, as sightings of ghosts activities, and other terrible events. David was always manages to convince Selva if all the horror stories feared by her maid is just an illusion. When the Ghost is real until their maid is not fond of working in their home. Later it is known if the ghost- that often interferes with David’s family is deceased David’s ex-girlfriend who died of suicide or an accident. They appeared with such sightings.