SUMIATI (2016)

Sumiati Trailer

Genre                                  : Horror
Production                        : Art2tonic

Producers                          : Hendra Sirajuddin
Director                              : Syahrir Arsyad Dini
Cast                                      : Dinda Surbakti, Abdul Rodjak, Jeyhan Kler, Ade

Running Time                   : 86 minutes
Theatrical Release Date : 2015, 26 November







     Sumiati (Dinda Surbakti) lived in simplicity and obedient to his parents. She was betrothed to a sailor. Three days after the wedding, she was raped by four youths. The incident made Sumiati choose hanged himself.

Since the beginning of the film, the audience has been startled by the ghost of a man who always appears in a dream Mustafa (Jeyhan Kler), the sister of one of the rapists Sumiati. Out of curiosity Mustafa, who came from Jakarta, met husband Sumiati (Abdul Rojak) who live alone in one of the villages in Maros, South Sulawesi.

From the story Rojak, Mustafa finally know why the spirit of his brother was never quiet in the grave. Also about the ghost of beautiful women who take revenge on her rapist