TAROT (2015)


Trailer             : Tarot Trailer

Genre              : Horor

Producer         : Rocky Soraya

Director           : Jose Purnomo

Cast                 : Shandy Aulia, Boy William, Aurellie

                            Moeremans, Sara Wijayanto

Duration         : 118 mins

Theaterical Release    : May 7, 2015





         “TAROT ‘(2015) tells the story of a happy couple who has just married namely, Julie (Shandy Aulia) and Tristan (Boy William). Unfortunately their happiness being a newlywed couple annoyed by bad predictions of a tarot card that will predict their future. Cards such tarot predict if it will come from the past to take lives among one of them. Julie himself became worried and continue to remember vividly the bad forecast shall be guilty of himself to his twin who had died, Sofie. Sofie herselfs was born with facial defects and reckless suicide after finding out if Tristan loved Julie. Sofie since the death of the life of Julie began her uneasy as always at haunted by the terrors of a nightmare, bruises waking and shadow twin sister, Sofie. It certainly makes Julie realized that if she and Tristan in danger. But forecasters tarot himself said there was nothing they could do and the various terror would be even threaten their lives.