The Chocolate Chance Trailer

Genre                   : Drama, Romance
Producers          : –

Director              : Jay Sukmo
Cast                       : Pamela Bowie, Ricky Harun, Miqdad Addausy,

                                 Ferry Salim

Running Time   : –
Theatrical Release Date : 2016, August








       Indonesia drama movie titled “The Chocolate Chance” is a film adaptation based on novel of the same title was also on the work of Yona Danika. The story is about the romance of Orvala Theobroma (Pamela Bowie) which is a chocolate lover and her dream girl is to own a chocolate cafe because of the help of her lover Aruna Handrian (Miqdad Addausy).

 In this cafe, Orvala reunited with a man from her past Juno Aswanda (Ricky Harun) in love in high school. From this comes the love triangle between Orvala, Aruna and Juno. Which will be selected by Orvala between them, Aruna or Juno ??