The Promise Trailer

 Genre                                   : Horor
Producer                             : Datin Seri Gouri Pankuny
Director                                : Bambang Drias
Cast                                        : Dara The Virgin, Mita The Virgin

Running Time                         : 85 minutes
Theatrical Release Date       : 2017, 02 February











        Riri (Mitha The Virgin) is a broadcaster who reads mystery stories on radio and Wanda (Dara The Virgin) is a fan of Riri’s show. Wanda loves to write a mystery story but has no guts to send it to the radio. Wanda was paralyzed after a car accident, which killed her sister, Tino. One day Riri found her mother, died hanging herself in her room. Since Riri’s death, Wanda often gets disturbed at her home. Wanda is scared to decide to investigate.