the right oneTrailer                :

Genre                         : Drama

Production                  : Renee Pictures

Producer                     : Gandhi Fernando, Laura Karina

Director                       : Stephen Odang
Cast                              : Tara Basro, Gandhi Fernando, Dave

                                        Alexander, Sheila Tohir

Duration                       : 90 mins

Theaterical Release    : February 27, 2014






Jack ( Gandhi Fernando ) and Alice ( Tara Basro ) are two young professionals living in Bali . Jack stuck in a boring job for her bank company. While Alice dedicated his life as a marine biologist, but he was more wanting to jump into the field rather than actually stuck sitting in the office.

One day the two of them were in the same bar. Two strangers strike up a conversation and a direct connection is established. They decided to spend the whole day, go to different places around Bali and talked about life, love and frustration of the post-lecture them.

During their conversation, we are shown a series of flashbacks. We learn that Jack and Alice always be on time and the same position when the dramatic moments and things of their life, it’s just that somehow they were never aware of their existence with each other.