Trinity, The Nekad Traveler Trailer

Genre                                 : Drama

Sinema Producer            : Ronny Irawan, Agung Saputra

Director                             : Rizal Mantovani

Cast                                     : Maudy Ayunda, Hamish Daud Wyllie, Babe

Cabiita, Rachel Amanda, Anggika Bolsterli, Ayu

Dewi, Farhan

Running Time                  : 103 minutes

Theatrical Release Date : 2017, 16 March





          See Trinity (Maudy Ayunda) is the officer who hobby traveling. However, this hobby often hit with a mediocre money and allocation of leave in the office. Emma Trinity is often scolded Boss (Ayu Dewi). Trinity has a friend who has the same hobby, Yasmin (Rachel Amanda) and Nina (Anggika Bolsterli), and her cousin, Ezra (Babe Cabita). Trinity always sends her experience in a blog titled At home, her Father (Farhan) and her mother (Mini Cut) are always trying when Trinity thinks of a mate. Trinity always replied: later if all bucket list has been fulfilled. The bucket list is a list of things he should do before he gets older. More about the roads She experiences a dilemma between her work or her passion, and his love story with Paul (Hamish Daud), a handsome photographer who is also a traveling hobbyist.