Turis Romantis Trailer

Genre                               : Drama, Comedy

Producer                           : Celerina Judisari, Hanung Bramantyo

Director                             : Senoaji Julius

Cast                                    : Shaheer Sheikh, Kirana Larasati, Mike Lucock, Alby

Jufri, Retno Yunitawati

Running Time                  : 95 minutes

Theatrical Release Date : 2015, 23 April






      Nabil (Kirana Larasati), newly escaped from threats. Barbets (Mike Lucock), loan sharks flock of Indian descent hire thugs to collect debts Nabil’s father, a drunkard, like gambling, and has no responsibility. Because Nabil’s father fuzzy-nebulosity, moneylenders charge to Nabil’s mother. Seeing this, Nabil showed up and said it would pay all his debt. Nabil promised to return the debt of 100 million within five days. Then, Nabil got news that her father was hospitalized. When arriving at the hospital, her dad still unconscious, because it has been through heart surgery. Her dad won gambling. He was so happy, then got heart attack, Nabil’s father brought home a guarantee certificate hospital. Nabil headache: to pay the debt at the same time pay the full cost of treatment of her dad, or her house will be lost. All total about 200 million rupiah! He then asked for a job from her friend, Sephia. Sephia offers Nabil replace her to be tour guide. Nabil reluctantly accept. Nabil was waiting at the airport, with a nameplate guests. She was reluctant, because her guests are Indians. Then Azan Khan (Shaheer Sheikh), which turned out to be very handsome, and fragrant. Azan called Nabil to go to places in Jogja which is not common for tourists. Azan turns a calendar photographer who is looking for romantic places to go. One romantic place it is the place where his grandfather was buried. The thugs continue to monitor Nabil. One time the thugs also interferes Azan in fights. Beyond expectations, Azan rooster fights. Azan trust 100% inside Nabil, when looked to find his grandfather’s grave. Azan is very open to the story of his grandfather who left his grandmother and his family. But grandma still waiting and loving him. Same with his mother, who still loves his father, although his father inconsequential thousand times.