TUYUL (2015)

TUYULTrailer              : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pC3VFYshqrU

Genre              : Horror

Production      : Renee Production

Producer         : Gandhi Fernando, Laura Karina

Director           : Billy Christian
Cast                   : Dinda Kanya Dewi, Gandhi Fernando

Duration           :  92 min

Theaterical Release    : April 19, 2015







A married couple, Daniel (28) and Mia (27) has moved into the house in the mountains. Daniel get a big project from his office to take care of the tea plantations in the highlands. But Mia was still not willing to move into the house, but Mia realized that they had no other choice, they have to save for the birth of their first child. Moreover, the house is the last remnants of the old Mia who had died. One day Daniel find a mysterious bottle in one room and store. Since the discovery of the bottle, Mia suffered a lot of mysterious events, often find strange noises. Mia fear and worry about the baby. Mia trying to figure out what’s being followed and terrorized during this time.