WARISAN OLGATrailer            : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX9lL-G2JYw

Genre              : Comedy 

Producer         : Gope T Samtani

Director           : Raymond Handaya

Cast                 : Billy Syahputra, Tarra Budiman,

                           Mongol, Olga Syahputra

Duration         : 100 mins

Theaterical Release    : November 19, 2015




Olga who did not get a job in Jakarta, Olga invited his brother Billy for a vacation to Singapore, Billy obviously happy, because he had never been to Singapore. Up in Singapore, Billy immediately prostration of gratitude as he was moved to tears, to see people confused. Over reacting Billy continues, especially when he was taken to Apartment Olga.

One day, Billy, Olga and Tara intend around Singapore, since Billy knowledgeably, eventually he even loses Tara and Olga. Billy dizziness and so confusion with wrong directions. While Olga panic because his only brother disappeared.

Billy, then met with Orchids, a number of Indonesian students studying in Singapore when Billy ran out of money and famine. Initially Orchid do not like Billy, but she ultimately did not have the heart and want to help Billy. Justin, Malaysia guy who likes to Anggek jealous of Billy proximity and Orchids.

Justin tries to get Billy and Orchids. Billy itself is actually not concerned with orchids, because the goal he just wanted to meet Olga. But Billy finally started to love with Orchids