WWTrailer                 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B0d5M3DRVA

Genre                  :  Horor

Producer              : Gope T Samtani

Director               : Rizal Mantovani
Cast                      : Nova Yani Nabila JKT 48, Agus Kuncoro, Inong Ayu,

                                Khadijah Banderas, Dian Anton dan Yafi Tesa

Duration              : 100 mins

Theaterical Release         : April 16, 2015





Jarot (Agus Kuncoro) and his wife Irma (Inong Nidya Ayu), and two children, Luna (Nabilah JKT48) aged 15 and Aruna (Khadijah Banderas) was 5 years old, entered into a new home that they got to live in his father because moving tasks. The house is very spacious and located in a secluded street away from the noise of the capital. Together they also Bu Surti, a maid who has a dozen years with family. The house was comfortable, but there are quite disturbing, which is an old beds made of teak and has a strange shape and carving, in the form of a woman who was screaming. The old beds in a room located on the top floor.

At first all is well. Over time, changes were quite drastic in Aruna. Previously, Aruna is a figure that is very active and jolly. Since in the new house, he was like pulling away. It is considered by Luna. Their parents seems not paid much attention because they often quarreled after his wife’s increasingly busy with his work. Jarot add to the problems with its attitude too hard. Aruna is a frequent cause of silencing the few times he had seen ‘no one’ in the guest rooms, even in his bedroom. Aruna tried to express to their parents but because both are not paying full attention, then anxiety Aruna ignored. Only Luna felt this awkwardness. He also felt sad and gloomy with the state of his parents, but he avoids this bias to distract himself with Javanese dance activities.

Luna also feel there is any discrepancy in the house, but that he felt as a sign of ‘tired’. While the Surti mothers, maids, decided to go out of the house after he saw clearly the ‘gatekeepers’ who haunts the old house.